A thorough assessment on medicinal and aromatic plants has been published

The GrassLIFE project has completed work on the report “The ecosystem services provided by Latvian natural grassland medicinal and aromatic plants”.

The report is created by the researchers of the Institute for Environmental Solutions: Dr Andrea Primavera, Rūta Abaja and Dr Ieva Mežaka.

The report examines the economic value of the ecosystem services provided by different natural grasslands, based on the biomass of medicinal and aromatic plant species found in grasslands and their market value. The report also studies the habits of the Latvian population in using and collecting medicinal plants. The study reveals that 71% of the Latvian population uses medicinal plants on a daily basis. A third of the population collects their own herbs on a daily basis, with mint, chamomile and lime being the most popular species of herbs in Latvia.

See more in the full report below: