Academic Network


Development of Unified Academic Core Network of National Significance in Latvia (No. 2010/0239/2DP/

The project is carried out by Latvian Ministry of Education and Science, in cooperation with more than 90 scientific institutions.

The Aim: To develop a next generation data transmission network for the sector and a model for supervision of IT infrastructure development, administration and deployment.

The Funding: The total budget is 15 102 877,90 EUR including the European Regional Development Fund funding (14 960 590,72 EUR) and the State budget funding (142 287,18 EUR).

Project Duration: 01.01.2010 – 15.12.2015

Project activities

  • Development of shared use ICT (Information and communication technologies) for scientific and academic needs. As a part of it the unified academic core network of national significance, establishment of shared data center and modernisation of the foreign academic networks and scientific libraries will be carried out.
  • Improvement of science and research competitiveness. As a part of it the acquisition of technological means will be carried out to improve the research infrastructure of cooperating partners.
  • Development of information system for the modernisation of science, research and academic process administration.


As a result of the project will be sustainable ICT support and shared solutions that will allow to compete with other EU Member States for scientific and research project grants and attract young scientists to important and interesting projects.

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