Broadening IES’s scientific network

Recently IES’s leading researcher Anita Zariņa was nominated as a country representative for Latvia within an international science support programme COST action „Renewable Energy and Lanscape Quality”.  Engagement in COST  will extend the researcher’s as well as IES’s cooperation possibilities with European scientific community. It will foster the creation of new partnership networks, knowledge and experience exchange through conferences, seminars, workshops, training schools, study visits, and dissemination activities. 

COST (Cooperation Europeenne dans le Domaine de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique) participants are researchers from universities, research centres, public and private organisations from 35 Member Countries. The goal of COST is to support the high-risk, innovative and emerging research themes. Currently it fosters the establishment of scientific exellence in the biomedicine, food and agriculture, forest services, molecular sciences, environmental management etc.

Latvia became a member of the COST programme in 1999, but it has been participating in COST activities since 1997. More about the programme.