Closing the first period of lake monitoring using remote sensing technologies


In cooperation with the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES), Estonian researcher Tuuli Soomets has implemented the first 6-month period of lake monitoring using remote sensing technologies. The researcher has selected four case study lakes – Burtnieks, Lubāns, Rāzna in Latvia, and Võrtsjärv in Estonia.


The monitoring is a part of the 3-year project, FLUID, which consists of several activities: in-situ data collection and processing; satellite data processing and algorithm development; public engagement and dissemination; as well as training at the Estonian Marine Institute. So far, the researcher has carried out first field work campaign, which was delayed by several months because of unfavourable weather conditions.  The physical parameters (transparency, temperature, etc.) and bio-chemical parameters (phytoplankton pigments, nitrogen, phosphorus concentrations, total suspended and dissolved matter, etc.) were gathered from test lakes in Latvia. After that, bio-chemical parameters were analysed in laboratory. In addition, researcher collected the in-situ information from Latvian and Estonian monitoring programs, which was gathered during 2015 – 2017 period.

For remote sensing, the researcher uses satellite data that is provided by European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 satellites. Data processing contains of three stages: 1) creating a clear water mask and determining the optical water type; 2) obtaining of Level 2 products (e.g. chlorophyll distribution, transparency) assessment with suitable algorithm; 3) assessment of the ecological status of lakes according to the European Water Framework Directive classification.  The researcher has selected all Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 images from Latvia and Estonia in 2017 and carried out first stage of data processing – development of clear water mask and determination of optical water type.



Find full Report of the FLUID’s first stage here.

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