Contemporary audio-visual art exhibition "Tales of the brewery"

Starting from the 11th of August, we opened the doors of Science, art and gastronomy centre “Brewery” to host the audio-visual exhibition “Tales of the Brewery”.


The exhibition is a collaboration between artists Ivo Briedis, Pēteris Ķimelis and Andris Indāns. On display are the stories of eight people whose everyday life have been related to the brewery. Through these stories, the exhibition will introduce the historical and cultural heritage left by the Brewery. Changing its architectural structures and experiencing different political regimes trough centuries, the Cēsis Brewery has become a charismatic and eclectic industrial heritage. The testimony from the 19th, 20th and 21st century is encoded in the walls of the building.

In the past few years, the Brewery has served as a place where artists, innovators, designers and professionals have told their stories. However, during the previous events, the Brewery itself has been acknowledged as one of the most intriguing exhibit. At the end of this summer, the Brewery is finally ready to open up and reveal its stories to the wider audience. The visitors of the exhibition will be able to travel in time and feel how the Brewery breathes, laughs, and transforms through times. By going through pages of history, the institute is preparing the brewery for the future, to become a centre of science, art and gastronomy centre.

The owner of the complex is Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES), which together with young Latvian architects plans to revitalize the Brewery. The plan for the Brewery is to become an international centre of excellence where art, science and culinary are synergised to address environmental issues and brew future scenarios.

Exhibition “Tales of the Brewery” will be open from the 11th of August till 29th of September at the Cēsis Old Brewery complex (Lenču street 11, Cēsis). Working hours: Thursday – Sunday, from 12:00 to 18:00. Entrance is free of charge.