Copernicus-based businesses benefit from the EIC – SME Instrument

The European Innovation Council (EIC) has developed instrument for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) to boost innovation and economic growth in Europe, and beyond.

The instrument offers cash grants training and business acceleration services and coaching from business development experts and mentorship from industry professionals. It can support the implementation of an innovative Copernicus-based ideas for products, services or processes for the global market.

EIC – SME Instrument covers three different phases of the product cycle depending on the maturity of the project: Phase 1 – from idea to concept; Phase 2 – from concept to market maturity; Phase 3 – business acceleration services and coaching. The instrument is a continuously open call with 4 submission dates per year for each Phase. Proposals are evaluated by independent experts based on three award criteria: impact, excellence, and quality and efficiency of implementation. The upcoming cut-offs dates in 2018 for Phase 1 are February 8, May 3, September 5 and November 7. And for Phase 2: March 14, May 23 and October 10.

To present benefits and rules of the program in the 22th of February European Commission organised webinar. The video is now available here.

Find out more about the instrument here.