Copernicus network strengthens the research, development and innovation capacity

Earth observation programme Copernicus has developed 2 international platforms that strengthens the development of research and innovations. These platforms give its users a possibility to exchange ideas and develop new cooperation’s. Key of the success for this programme is Copernicus network of Academies and Relays. It is a network of 160 organizations that includes Institute for Environmental Solutions, University of Latvia and research institutes, universities, high-level experts from various fields, NGO’s and business organizations worldwide.

Copernicus provides freely available satellite, in-situ data and derived information products in its various service domains. The use of such data and services facilitates innovative research solutions for societal challenges. “Horizon 2020” project CopHub.AC intends to create a knowledge and innovation hub to improve Copernicus Academy and Relay network by increasing its visibility and encouraging research cooperation.

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Copernicus is the World’s largest and most ambitious Earth observation programme. It provides accurate, timely and easily accessible information to improve the management of the environment, understand and mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure civil security. Since 2017, the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) is a member and Latvia’s representative of Copernicus Relay and Academy networks. IES explains possibilities offered by the Copernicus program for national, business and public needs, organise training and information activities. Since 2015 IES in cooperation with European Space Agency is using Copernicus satellite data for assessment of different environmental and natural resources.

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