Copernicus Sentinels lend a hand to help monitor inland and coastal water quality

Water bodies such as lakes, lagoons and reservoirs provide us with a range of ecosystem services including fresh drinking water, recreation, transport and fishing. In order for these activities to be carried out safely – and without disrupting the biodiversity of local ecosystems – these water bodies need to be regularly monitored. European legislation such as the Water Framework Directive also requires Member States to report on the ecological and chemical status of inland and coastal water bodies.

Traditionally, water quality monitoring requires physically taking samples of water to a laboratory for analysis. This process has a number of drawbacks: it is time-consuming, and does not capture the temporal and spatial differences which may be present within the same (large) water body. The EOMORES project is developing reliable, sustainable and fully-automated commercial water quality monitoring services, powered by data from the Copernicus Sentinels.


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