Developing innovative solutions for growing ginseng and Chinese horseradish in Latvia

Researchers from the Institute for Environmental Solutions and SIA “Field and Forest” continues to develop innovative solutions for growing and cultivation of ginseng and Chinese horseradish in Latvia. They just closed 2nd year of field research and are heading to develop new value-added tea products in cooperation with tea producer SIA “Bargi”.


Second season of field research on different growing conditions for ginseng and Chinese horseradish has concluded. As both plants are perennial, in 2019 the researchers continued to make observations of plants that were planted in the season of 2018. During the second season, researchers observed, measured and analysed effects of light intensity, meteorological conditions and soil conditions on the growth of ginseng Effects of different light intensity were measured by testing different types of shading, both natural (forest ecosystem) and artificial (artificial shading with specially made tent) within experimental sites. In order to find the most suitable conditions and cultivation technology for both plants, researchers tested different growing solutions. For example, ginseng was tested to be grown in experimental field and in forest ecosystem. During the current winter season, researchers do testing and analysis of meteorological conditions. In the upcoming Spring they will be able to analyse the effect by the winter weather conditions on each of the species. After the research on the best growing conditions, researchers in cooperation with tea producing experts will start to develop brand new value-added products.

Considering that ginseng and Chinese horseradish are perennial plants, only in year 2021, the researchers will be able to do quality assessment of the roots of the plants. In spite of that , researchers has already started to work together with leading tea production company in Latvia SIA “Bargi” to develop new products containing abovementioned herbs. To find new value-added product, SIA “Bargi” is testing different mixtures that includes ginseng and Chinese horse radish.

Innovative methods for cultivation of ginseng and Chinese horseradish will be developed as a part of the project “Developmend of innovative technologies for cultivation and food production of ginseng (Panax spp.) and Chinese horseradish (Angelica sinensis)” No.  17-00-A01620-000008, which is supported by EU European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Rural Development Programme.

More about the project here.