European Biennale JCE starts its two-year journey

On October 15th, Montrouge will open its doors and mark the begging of the art biennale Jeune Création Européenne (JCE) 2015/2017. It is a group of exhibitions displaying the latest trends in European contemporary artworks, created by 56 emerging artists from France, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Italy, Spain and Portugal.


Seven art centres in seven European cities will open their doors for the travelling biennale exhibition. Among the seven centres is the Cēsis Science and Art Centre “Brūzis”, where the exhibition will be hosted from September to October, 2016. Like a living organism, the JCE Biennale constantly evolves through the series of exhibitions and events over the two years. It feeds on the local energy, thereby inspiring new perspectives during each stage of its journey.

The Cēsis Science and Art Centre “Brūzis” is owned by the Institute for Environmental Solutions, a non-profit network of scientists, artists, engineers and practitioners who care for the environment and recognise the value of art and science. The vision for “Brūzis” is to become an international centre of excellence where art, science and culinary are synergised to cultivate the creative energies and encourage people to abandon preconceived notions.

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