FLUID: ICT-based remote sensing tool for retrieving water quality data

ICT-based remote sensing tool for retrieving water quality products for lake research and monitoring (FLUID) No.

Agreement with State Education Development Agency of the Republic of Latvia No. Latvia’s national water monitoring program is a part of Environmental monitoring program 2015 – 2020 and includes description of inland water monitoring parameters and procedures. Currently, the water monitoring program is fully based on field sampling methods which is time consuming and expensive. Remote sensing offers to add spatial and temporal dimension thus complementing the standard in situ techniques and creating more holistic approach of lake research. During the FLUID project researchers aim to support the national lake monitoring services by developing innovative satellite products for regional user needs.


The main objective of the project is to develop an ICT-based remote sensing tool for retrieving water quality products for lake research and monitoring.


The FLUID includes the following activities:
  • Development and validation of algorithms for retrieval of bio-optical properties in optically different lakes: chlorophyll concentration, total suspended matter, coloured dissolved organic carbon, and attenuation coefficient (e.g. transparency) in water;
  • Development and validation of primary production product for lakes using combination of modelling and remote sensing data;
  • Development and validation of mapping and distinguishing phytoplankton blooms and vegetation in water;
  • Preparation of demonstrators and guidelines for integration of remote sensing data products in current monitoring services of inland water bodies.
Project duration: July 2017 – July 2020 Project manager: post-doctorate researcher Tuuli Soomets, Tuuli.soomets@videsinstituts.lv The project is financed by: European Regional Development Fund; partly funded by State budget funding and Institute for Environmental Solutions.