Grassland Assessment

Alternative use of biomass for maintenance of grassland biodiversity and ecosystem service (Acronym – Grass Service) LIFE12 BIO/LV/001130

There is a large proportion of abandoned agricultural land within the project area – Sigulda Municipality and Ludza Municipality, including biologically valuable grasslands which are overgrowing with bushes and losing their biodiversity. In order to assess the biological value and to develop sustainable grassland management, it is necessary to carry out detailed assessment and mapping of grassland territories and biomass calculation.

The Aim

To ensure maintenance of biologically valuable grasslands by enhancing alternative, economically sustainable approaches to the use of grassland biomass as well as establishing co-operation models between farmers, entrepreneurs and local authorities. That would ensure livability of grassland management and proposed technological solutions.

Our Role

We are assessing the conservation status and biological value of grassland ecosystem, the amount of grassland biomass and the potential use of the grasslands in the project areas using the data collected by airborne remote sensing technologies – a high resolution RGB camera, LiDAR laser scanner and hyperspectral sensors. On the basis of remote sensing data analysis we are aiming to implement appropriate technical solutions for grassland management and economically sustainable use of grassland biomass.

Project Duration: 01.10.2013 – 31.12.2017

Project Manager: Anda Ruskule, Baltic Environment Forum – Latvia

IES Project Coordinator: Rūta Abaja,, +371 27818676

Project is financed by: European Union LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity Programme


Coordinating beneficiary: Baltic Environment Forum – Latvia

Associated beneficiaries: Latvian Fund of Nature, Riga Technical University, BioRe Ltd, „Skujas”, Sigulda local municipality, Ludza local municipality, Institute for Environmental Solutions

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