Growing Copernicus users network by 1.6 billion

Recently, Copernicus has signed agreements with Brazil, Chile, Colombia and India, following those already in place with United States and Australia, thus one-third of the world’s population has privileged access through high bandwidth connections to Copernicus free and open data and information.


The governments, local authorities, academics, researchers and businesses from six partner countries are also able to benefit from Copernicus environmental and climate monitoring, emergency management and disaster risk reduction services.

The agreements guarantee the free, full and open access of these partner countries to the data of Europe’s operational fleet of Earth Observation and monitoring satellites and to the information and forecasts from Copernicus services. Meanwhile, the programme will gain reciprocical access to observations and archives from India’s and Brazil’s non-commercial remote sensing satellites. These agreements also give Copernicus an extended reach in terms of data gathering, in particular through availability of in situ data for the calibration and validation of our satellite data.

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