Hyperspectral and laser data use for the assessment of forest habitats

On the 27th of November the researchers of the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) Gatis Eriņš and Rūta Abaja shared knowledge and experience in the hyperspectral data and laser data use for the assessment and protection of forest habitats during the seminar that was organised by Daugavpils University and the Nature Conservation Agency.

The head of IES's department of environmental protection Gatis Eriņš spoke about hyperspectral and laser data use for the assessment of forest habitat. IES use a unique airborne remote sensing technology ARSENAL that provide high resolution aerial, hyperspectral and laser data.


IES's researcher Rūta Abaja shared her experience in modelling the suitability map for the Corncrake (Crex crex) within the Dviete floodplain.


The seminar was organised as a part of LIFE+ project EREMITA MEADOWS, which is financed by LIFE-Nature program of European Comission (LIFE09 NAT/LV/000240).

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