IES and WWF host an exhibition about human impact on nature

The Institute for Environmental Solutions together with Pasaules Dabas Fonds (Formerly WWF-Latvia) is pleased to open an exhibition featuring WWF's best advertising works. The exhibition can be viewed in the Cēsis Castle Barn until the 9th August, 2015.


As part of the exposion, IES hopes to encourage visitors to reflect on how their everyday actions influence the global environment and the potential devastating consequences for planet Earth.

Alongside the exhibition, the future plans for the IES’s owned Cēsis Brewery and Cēsis Castle Barn are displayed. The vision is to renovate and develop the cultural landmark as an art and science centre. It is inspired by the accomplishments of the Renaissance where the two modes of thinking combined and challenged preconceived notions. We present our future plans and models for Cēsis Brewery Science and Art Centre. The goal of the centre will be to utilise these creative energies to help solve complex environmental problems. 

The exhibition is open Tuesday – Friday, 12pm – 7pm; Saturday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm.

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