IES leading reasercher Dainis Jakovels will speak in remote sensing conference in Amsterdam

From 22nd to 25th September the leading researcher Dainis Jakovels will present IES Flying Laboratory ARSENAL at the conference Remote Sensing 2014 in Amsterdam organized by SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering). He will speak about the flying laboratories usage for environment remote sensing.

SPIE Remote Sensing 2014 is an important European conference focused on giving international researchers and scientists access to the most recent satellite-based imaging systems and the data generated by them, as well as a way to share that information with peers within science, government, and industry while furthering that impact world-wide. It is one of the biggest remote sensing conferences in Europe and it attracts scientists and researchers from whole world.

More about the conference

In order to improve knowledge of remote sensing and space technologies, after SPIE Remote Sensing 2014 Dainis Jakovels will go on a visit to the European Space Agency (ESA).