IES will host an inspiring forum of bioeconomy innovations

On the 13th of March 2019 inspiring forum “Bioeconomy – opportunities for innovation” will take place in the Vidzeme Concert Hall “Cēsis” in Latvia. By sharing best practices of innovative bio-based products and services, during the forum, internationally recognized bioeconomy experts will introduce participants with bioeconomy trends in Europe and in the World.


Rural regions of Latvia have a great amount of natural resources, as they have abundant natural resources. However, they struggle to reach full bioeconomy potential due to limited human capital and the lack of specialized clusters and network effects that are typical for urban areas. Usually, rural areas lack of knowledge and comprehension, as well as there is a weak cooperation between entrepreneurs, scientists, decision makers, public authorities and general public. Institute for Environmental Solutions together with Vidzeme Planning Region are dedicated to make some changes. The forum “Bioeconomy – opportunities for innovation” will provide open, educational, inspiring and future oriented discussions, thus helping to grow supportive environment for bio-based innovations in Vidzeme region.

During the forum, various internationally recognized experts, practitioners and innovators from Denmark, Norway, Italy, Finland and Latvia, will share their knowledge and experience in development of bioeconomy based innovations and businesses. Participants will get acquainted with bioeconomy development trends in Europe and in the World, support tools for bioeconomy development and examples of innovative bio-based products and services. Successful business players from Vidzeme region will share inspirational stories of bio-based innovations in their practices and futurist Lene Rachel Andersen will give the insight in our future – 50 years from now.

According to the Latvia’s Smart Specialization Strategy, prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science (hereinafter – the MoES) bioeconomy holds the keys of Latvia’s development and welfare. MoES indicates that innovations in bioeconomy industries can ensure Latvia's competitiveness at regional and international scale, as well as promote Latvia's contribution to the common EU goals. Development of knowledge intensive bioeconomy and innovations provide support for more efficient use of raw materials for production of goods with greater added value, creation of new materials and technologies, as well as produce goods and services with greater added value of national economy sectors. 

The forum is intended for managers and owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, universities, science institutions and local governments in Vidzeme region. It will be held in two parallel sessions. Participants will be able to switch the sessions. Forum will be translated in Latvian and English. The participation is free of charge.

The deadline for application is 5PM on 7th of March 2019, apply for the forum by filling the registration form in this link:

Find out more about the forum here.

The forum is a part of the project "Rural RDI milieus in transition toward smart Bioeconomy Clusters and Innovation Ecosystems (RDI2CluB)" No. R043, which is financially supported by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2017 – 2020 programme, priority "Capacity for Innovation".


Find out more about the project RDI2CluB here.