IES will host the European Young Artists exhibition in Cēsis

The Institute for Environmental Solutions will host the international contemporary art Biennale Jeune Création Européenne (European young artists) in Cēsis, Latvia during August, 2016. The exhibition will start its journey in Montrouge on October 2015 and will travel through Denmark, Poland and other European countries before reaching Latvia, where Cēsis Science and Art Centre “Brūzis” will open its doors to delight art lovers with the latest contemporary artworks.


The JCE Biennale began in 2000 when Salon de Montrouge provided a platform and encouraged European artists to exhibit their contemporary art. The event has been growing in its size and in Biennale 2015/2017 it will host 56 artists from 7 European countries, including 8 artists from Latvia who were chosen by a prominent jury consisting of:   Diāna Barčevska, exhibition curator and project manager of The Mūkusala Art Salon; Ilze Vanaga, the photographer; Kaspars Lielgalvis, the artist and director of Totaldobže Art Centre; Miķelis Fišers, the artist; a representative of Cēsis Art and Science Centre “Brūzis”; Armands Leitis, creative director of advertising agency “Guilty”; Alberto di Dzennaro, set designer and a representative of Kaņepe Culture Centre.

The JCE Biennale in Latvia will be organised by Kaņepe Culture Centre in cooperation with the Institute for Environmental Solutions, Latvian artists and other enthusiasts. Andrea Posini, the main curator of the biennale and Dāvis Kaņepe, the main coordinator in Latvia concluded that “Brūzis” is the best destination for the event in Latvia.

The Cēsis Science and Art Centre “Brūzis” is owned by the Institute for Environmental Solutions, a non-profit network of scientists, artists, engineers and practitioners who care for the environment and recognise the value of art and science. The vision for “Brūzis” is to become an international centre of excellence where art, science and culinary are synergised to cultivate the creative energies and encourage people to abandon preconceived notions.