IES’s water researchers speaking at the 74th conference of the University of Latvia

In 2015 the water researchers from the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) have carried out a number of interesting researches of lakes in Latvia. Some of them will be presented on 1st of February at the 74th conference of the University of Latvia.

At the conference, the researchers Marta Dieviņa and Linda Buholce will present the results of two researches that were supervised by IES's leading researcher Dr.  Matīss Žagars: “Zooplankton and fish communities in 6 lakes in Latvia: Climate change effects and the correlations between them and phosphorous concentrations” and “The age of Silver eel (European eel (Anguilla anguilla) in development stage) in the Alūksne Lake”.


To clarify, what kind of correlations exist between the climate change effects and phosphorus concentrations and fish communities within the lakes in Latvia, IES’s team acquired zooplankton and fish samples from 6 water bodies: Alūksne, Āraišu, Burtnieks, Dauguļu Mazezers, Sāviena and Vaidava Lake. In addition, to characterise the phosphorus concentrations in previously mentioned water bodies, the researchers analysed water samples.

In cooperation with the researcher Kari Nyberg, IES’s team carried out the research of the age of silver eels that are living in the Alūksne Lake. Thus, they detected the time when the eels start the spawning migration. As there haven’t been such researches in Latvia before, the IES’s team learned methods for eel age detection and adapted them for research specifics in Latvian water bodies.

The participants of the 74th international conference of the University of Latvia will be able to find-out new methods, results and main conclusions of the researches.

Conference Program