The study of Lake Saviena ecosystem and management strategy development

In recent years, Lake Saviena has faced several ecological problems such as unexplained fluctuation of water level, overgrowth with reeds, intensive algea blooms during the summer months as well as reduced amount of valuable fish species. In order to adress these problems, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the lake’s ecological status and its impact on fish resources.

The Aim

To elaborate a scientifically-based strategy for sustainable management of Lake Saviena in order to increase the lake’s attractiveness among fishermen and vacationers.

Our Role

IES is the principal contractor.


A multi-disciplinary team of researchers was formed to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the ecosystem of Lake Saviena. The study was based on classical hydrobiological research methods – sampling and analysis of nutrients, phytoplankton, zooplankton, zoobenthos. To assess the condition of the lake and its resource usability throughout the year, the data were collected in different seasons. The fish surveys were performed according to the EU standard EN 14757:2005 using Nordic type multimesh gillnets. Taking into accounty the study findings, the sustainable management strategy of Lake Saviena will be elaborated.

Project coordinator: Leading Researcher Dr.biol. Matīss Žagars, e-mail:, telephone : +37164127951

Project funded by: Madona local municipality

Co-funded by: the Fish Fund