Leading Researcher Dainis Jakovels will speak about Remote Sensing Monitoring of Marine Pollution in Koblenz, Germany

IES’s leading researcher Dainis Jakovels will speak at the Workshop „Remote Sensing Monitoring of Marine Pollution” and the 17th meeting of EGEMP (European Group of Experts on Remote Sensing Monitoring of Marine Pollution). The workshop will be held on 13-14 October 2014 in Koblenz, Germany. Dr. Jakovels will speak about the Private Partnership in Monitoring Marine Pollution – Experience of the Institute for Environmental Solutions.

The aim of EGEMP is a comprehensive exchange of information, knowledge and expertise about the monitoring of marine pollution by remote sensing at European, regional and national level. The workshop participants are marine pollution monitoring and remote sensing experts from Europe. Dainis Jakovels will be the only expert from Latvia at the workshop. His presentation will be based on the experience of IES and reflection on the role of private sector in the field of remote sensing monitoring of marine pollution.

Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) is a private research institution that mainly focuses on the use of airborne remote sensing for environment. The Airborne Surveillance and Environmental Monitoring System (ARSENAL) has been used for several nature conservation studies including mapping of algae blooms and benthic habitat in the Baltic Sea. IES’s ARSENAL was also tested in HELCOM’s international response exercise „Balex Delta 2014” in Ventspils, Latvia as well as in the HELCOM CEPCO North 2014 operation in Tallinn, Estonia.