Nordic Nature Medicine Museum to exhibit student works from Art Academy of Latvia

Opening of Art Academy of Latvia Student Exhibition “Botanical Motion” at the Nordic Nature Medicine Museum, organized by Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor Cristina Molina and Art Academy Docent Maija Kurševa

The course of the exhibition: 12.06. – 16.08.2024

The Art Academy of Latvia and the Institute for Environmental Solutions invite you to the reception of “Botanical Motion” opening at the Nordic Nature Medicine Museum on12th of June at 16:00 The exhibition will feature a selection of video essays and animations made by students in the Movement.Image.Sound Department of the Art Academy of Latvia.

These works have been produced by students, Andrejs Brīvulis,  Aleksandrs Čiļimovs, Lūcija Marta Dzenīte, Anna Rītiņa, Līva Priedīte, and Anna Anušika Tupčauskaite who participated in visiting Professor and Fulbright Scholar Cristina Molina’s spring semester course “Storytelling as Environmental Stewardship.” This course considered the artist’s role in shaping consciousness surrounding issues of land preservation, public health via natural resources, and sustainability within landscapes. The course also emphasized the power of Latvian folkloric traditions that have long served as repositories of generational wisdom and its connection to nature.

Through moving images, the young artists in this exhibition contemplate their personal and familial relationships with medicinal plants to create contemporary tales. These stories have been crafted over a semester-long study at the Art Academy of Latvia and after meeting with researchers, chemists, herbarium keepers, and plant experts to gain a deeper understanding of the healing power of plants. Using mediums like video essays and animations, students share narratives imbued with plants that evoke reflections on existentialism, the importance of deceleration, and the solace offered by the natural world. Each contribution is a singular approach to narrative, ranging from the invention of mythical characters to immersion into whispering forests.

The Nordic Nature Medicine Museum, located in Cēsis castle barn, was created by the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES), a research organization that, among other research directions, studies medicinal plants. IES has experience with medicinal plant cultivation, phytochemical analysis and product development. The main aim of the Nordic Nature Medicine Museum is to educate and inspire the public about  medicinal plants typical of Latvian and Nordic nature, enrich the knowledge of those who already know a bit about plants, and introduce those who are just getting to know the lush world of medicinal plants.

​​This exhibition is supported by the Institute for Environmental Solutions, The Art Academy of Latvia, and The U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program.