SciDoors: Opening the doors of science

Opening the Doors of Science: Baltic-Nordic Cooperation for Citizen Science Development NGSLV-409

Citizen Science is acknowledged as a powerful tool to support scientific research, strategic decision making process and enhance public behaviour change. Nordic countries are one of the forefront actors in Citizen Science sector using it for several research topics e.g. biodiversity, safety, transportation and air quality. In Latvia only some sporadic activities, which equates to Citizen Science are taking part.The project team has decided to fill the knowledge gaps and increase the capacity of Citizen Science activities in Latvia following the best practices in Nordic countries including identification of future perspectives of Baltic-Nordic Citizen Science activities. The objective: To build a Baltic-Nordic cooperation network of Citizen Science through the state of the art analysis and knowledge exchange. Finding opportunity gaps of Citizen Science in Latvia and building Baltic-Nordic cooperation network. The Project team will carry out the state of the art analysis of Baltic-Nordic Citizen Science activities and identify the knowledge gaps of Citizen Science development in Latvia. By exchanging experience and knowledge the team will compose a supporting document for Citizen Science development in Latvia and cross-border activities. Opening the doors of Citizen Science – an open discussion on Citizen Science development. An open discussion will be organised as a part of the annual open science festival – European Researcher’s night in Latvia. The discussion will be open to anyone, who wants to witness a new transformation of science bringing the research activities closer to the public. Project duration: June 2016 – December 2016 Project Manager:Baiba Prūse, E: , T: +371 25756163 The project is financed by The Nordic Council of Ministers Co-funding: Institute for Environmental Solutions Project partners:
  • Vetenskap & Allmänhet
  • Snowchange Cooperative