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For more than four centuries, the Cēsis Old Beer Brewery has served as one of the symbols of the town of Cēsis. Recognised as an important historical heritage and included in the State List of Protected Cultural Monuments, it has been abandoned and underused for the last decade.

Modern renaissance

Currently, the brewery is owned by the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES), a non-profit organization of scientists, artists, engineers and professionals who care about the environment. Our aim is to revitalize its cultural and historical value by combining historic architecture with visions for the future.

The Brewery is intended to become a platform for young scientists, artists and other professionals, creating a space to work together to solve environmental and natural problems and to model future development paths.

We are inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, a genius who, by combining art and science in one person, was able to think beyond his time and therefore introduced the most ambitious innovations of his time. We value both science and art. Both are characterised by creative destructivism – forcing us to abandon our existing thought patterns and broaden our perspectives to arrive at new ideas and effective solutions.

Brūzim ir paredzēts kļūt par platformu jaunajiem zinātniekiem, māksliniekiem un citu nozaru speciālistiem, radot telpu, kurā kopējiem spēkiem risināt vides un dabas problēmas un modelēt nākotnes attīstības virzienus.

Mūs iedvesmojis Leonardo da Vinči – ģēnijs, kurš, apvienojot mākslu un zinātni vienā personā, spējis domāt pāri savam laikmetam, tāpēc ieviesis sava laika vērienīgākās inovācijas. Mēs augstu vērtējam kā zinātni, tā mākslu. Abām raksturīgs radošs destruktīvisms – liek atteikties no pastāvošās domāšanas iekārtas un paplašināt savu skatījumu, lai nonāktu pie jaunām idejām un efektīviem risinājumiem.

The architecture
vision of the brewery

Built in 1878, the Cēsis Old Beer Brewery was once part of the new Cēsis Castle complex. Today, its buildings preserve a unique industrial heritage of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Although listed as a State Protected Monument, the brewery has been abandoned since 2000. The buildings are underused and mostly closed to the public. The Institute for Environmental Solutions plans to revitalise the brewery. In collaboration with Latvian architects Andris Odumānis and Austris Mailitis, an architectural vision has been created so that in the next few years the brewery will become an environment for young scientists, artists and other professionals to work together and model new scenarios for the future.

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