Top Copernicus images and articles from 2018

To recap last year through eyes of satellites Copernicus Observer have selected 12 images for each month of 2018. Top 3 most read articles have been added as a bonus. This summary shows that the usage of these data gathered every day is not only useful for scientists and researchers but has a visual value as well.

Copernicus Sentinel satellites orbit the Earth high above us, collecting data about our planet day in and day out. Copernicus Sentinels allows our satellites to view Earth from a perspective previously limited to the select few who journeyed to orbit. This data is gathered every day and delivered to platforms that are open for everybody who has an interest.













In 2018 Copernicus Observer reported weekly on numerous topics such as opportunities for entrepreneurs brought by the Copernicus Start-up programme, updates and developments of the Copernicus services etc. From more than 50 articles published last year these are the 3 most read articles in 2018: