Upcoming Trans-Atlantic Training 2018 on radar and optical remote sensing for Land Cover / Land Use

The upcoming Earth Observation training called Trans-Atlantic Training 2018 (TAT-6) Integration of Radar and Optical Remote Sensing in Studying Land Cover/Land Use Change” will be held on the 7th – 11th of June 2018 and hosted by the University of Zagreb, Croatia. The training is a joint ESA / NASA / Charles University CB activity in EO. The deadline for registration is on 25 April (no fee, free registration). Registration should be done via the web site of the course here

The main objective of the Trans-Atlantic Training (TAT) initiative is training activities for students and the early-career scientists in the area of Earth Observation, with an emphasis on on remote sensing of land-cover changes and ecosystem dynamics. The purpose of TAT is to share and discuss advanced research methods and technologies from space during a series of meetings for scientists and students from both Europe and the USA.

The topic of TAT 2018 (TAT-6) is “Integration of Radar and Optical Remote Sensing in Studying Land Cover/Land Use Change”. Lectures and training activities will be focused on the evaluation of ecosystems (e.g. forest disturbances, agricultural land changes and abandonment) by using different types of sensors. The first part shall deal with SAR data – Sentinel-1 mission. Applications of SAR data in the ecosystems dynamics will be presented during theoretical and practical sessions. The second part of TAT-6 will be thematically focused on the new trends in optical remote sensing technics, with emphasis on Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 missions. 

The state-of-the-art advanced methods of Earth observation shall be presented and discussed by leading experts from Europe and USA. Technologies, tutorials and data from ESA and NASA missions shall be presented and practically exercised within hands-on training.

Find more information about TAT-6 here.