Video: Bioeconomy innovations for sustainable food production

On the 2nd of June Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) in cooperation with Vidzeme Planning Region (VPR) and bioeconomy innovation network Biobord organized international online event "Bioeconomy Forum: Innovation for Sustainable Food Production".

The aim of the forum was to provide an insight into sustainable natural resource management and food production practices as well as to promote development of rural areas in Latvia. Organizers plan to reach these goals by fostering cooperation between entrepreneurs, researchers and policy makers. During the forum, internationally recognised experts from Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Latvia shared current trends and the best practice in sustainable agriculture, food production, biotechnologies and bioeconomy innovations.

“When you are revitalizing life in rural areas international learning, networking, and knowledge exchange is important. Therefore, from the perspective of Vidzeme, we have always looked towards what is happening in the world and brought the best knowledge to our region – to companies, research institutes and educational establishments, as well as public sector, municipalities, and planning regions," stressed Inese Suija-Markova, Managing Director of IES during the opening speech of the forum.

Watch the video presentations from the event below.

Dr. Sergio Saia (Italy), Associate Professor, University of Pisa. Presentation: “Towards a Sustainable Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities”.


Dr. Stefan Meyer (Germany), Manager of the Blue Bioeconomy Cluster “Bioeconomy at Marine Sites”. Presentation: “Roadmap to blue bioeconomy in Northern Germany”.


Dr. Stacy Pyett (Netherlands), Program Manager, Proteins for Life, Wageningen University and Research. Presentation: Trends in alternative proteins”.


Dr. Sirli Rosenvald (Estonia), Head of Product Development and Sensorics, Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies. Presentation: “Innovation in development of alternative protein products and functional foods”.


Prof. Baoru Yang (Finland), Food Chemistry and Food Development, University of Turku. Presentation: “Effects of fermentation on sensory properties of milk from lupins and fava beans”.


Svetlana Eskebaek (Sweden), Business Developer of Packbridge AB. Presentation: “Packaging trends, sustainability and innovation”.


Dr. Jānis Brizga (Latvia), Researcher of the University of Latvia, Head of the Board at the NGO Green Liberty. Presentation: “The Life Cycle Assessment: theory and practice”.


This was the fourth bioeconomy forum organized by IES and VPR. The forum is a part of a larger initiative – bioeconomy ecosystem development in Vidzeme region. In the last few years, IES and VPR have taken several important steps in its development by identifying the region's most valuable natural resources, growing innovations and attracting world-class knowledge and competence. Both IES and VPR have strengthened their cooperation in the international network of bio-economy developers – Biobord. Learn more about Biobord network here.

Bioeconomy forum was a part of an extension stage project “Biobord open innovation platform connecting bioeconomy developers in BSR (ConnectedByBiobord)”, in the framework of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme that is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, flagship project of EUSBSR and project partners.