Video: New technologies for wild and free-ranging animal monitoring

The Institute for Environmental Solutions together with the Biobord network organized an online workshop “New technologies for monitoring of large-bodied wild-animals and free-ranging livestock: challenges and opportunities”, which took place on the 5th of May 2021.

The purpose of the workshop was to share the experience on the use of drones and other remote sensing technologies for monitoring large-bodied wild animals and free-ranging livestock in Finland, Latvia, Norway and Poland. Experts discussed challenges and opportunities for technology adoption in wildlife management, as well as raised the needs and ideas of the future transnational cooperation. The workshop was dedicated to wildlife management institutions, land use management organizations (forestry, agriculture), nature conservation and protection institutions, hunters, veterinary services, owners of free-ranging livestock, researchers, university students, technology developers, infrastructure developers, operators of hunting tourism, and policymakers.

Watch the video presentations from the workshop below.

Mrs. Maria Falkevik, a wildlife manager of the County Board of Värmland in Sweden shared her experience during the keynote speech “The importance of reliable monitoring data for adaptive wildlife management”.


How new technologies can help in wildlife monitoring? The ConnectedByBiobord research partners from Latvia, Finland and Norway presented the results and lessons learnt from technology testing.

Latvia – Dr Dainis Jakovels leading researcher form Institute for Environmental Solutions

Norway – Juho Pirttiniemi from JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Finland – Dr Barbara Zimmermann from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences Jamk, University of Applied Sciences


Stanisław Pagacz from TAXUS SI shared a story from Poland: Tech-based monitoring of wildlife.


IES together with partners from the Baltic Sea Region continue to develop bioeconomy innovations within the Biobord network. It is an online platform for bioeconomy developers. Biobord welcomes all who are interested in networking, finding people with shared interests, and sharing knowledge and ideas on the development of sustainable bioeconomy business.

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Workshop is a part of an extension stage project “Biobord open innovation platform connecting bioeconomy developers in BSR (ConnectedByBiobord)”, in the framework of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme that is co-financed by the funds from the European Regional Development Fund, flagship project of EUSBSR and project partners.