What chamomile white ray florets could be good for?

The most valuable part of chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is the yellow centre of the flower, but other parts of the plant also contain important bioactive compounds. Looking at how to use the white petals of chamomile most effectively has led to the publication “Valorization of Bioactive Compounds from By-Products of Matricaria recutita White Ray Florets” in the scientific journal Plants MDPI.

The study focused on the extraction of chamomile white ray floret biomass using the supercritical fluid extraction method. By varying the extraction conditions (pressure, temperature), the effect of these factors on the chemical composition of the extracts was assessed.

The results are encouraging: the chamomile white ray floret extract is found to be a potentially valuable product which, if further tested, could be used, for example, in the development of cosmetic products!

Thanks to the research team: Dr. Ilva Nakurte (Andersone), Marta Berga and Dr. Laura Pastare from the Institute for Environmental Solutions, Liene Kienkasfrom SIA “Field and Forest” and Martins Boroduskis and Anna Ramata-Stundafrom Alternative Plants!

Research “A biorefinery approach for the development of bioactive cosmetic ingredients from by-products of medicinal plant processing and plant cell cultivation” ( is developed as a part of the European Regional Development Fund programme 1 .1.1.1 measure “Support for applied research” and specific objective 1.1.1 “Improve research and innovation capacity and the ability of Latvian research institutions to attract external funding, by investing in human capital and infrastructure” 

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